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Alex Rybakoff's live journal

мар. 18, 2016

10:13 pm - Tenerife 2016: Punta del Hidalgo

The adjacent town fascinated me when I first saw it on the map. The road ends there abruptly and mountains begin. "It should be worth visiting", I thought, and went there one evening.

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фев. 29, 2016

11:53 pm - Tenerife 2016: Bajamar

Picking a place to live in being far away from it - that's always tough, but how many pleasant surprises wait you there! I couldn't imagine being in Finland how nice place is Bajamar, my first home in Tenerife.

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янв. 27, 2016

09:02 pm - Not only the sun fades away...

The statistic says: 51% of marriages end with divorce (in Finland, which is one of the world's highest numbers). People don't care about such statements and believe that "it's not going happen to me". And I am not an exception.

Life is making unexpected turns however, so I don't know what to expect next.

Two years ago on 27th January I married Elena. It was a nice winter day. We walked across the center of Helsinki and were so much in love!

One year ago in the end of January we went for a vacation in Tenerife. We were hiking, drinking sangria and swimming in Lago Martianez. We were still in love!

Today is the second anniversary of our wedding and 6 years of our life together. We've separated in the beginning of January and are about to divorce :'(((

I went to Puerto de la Cruz today, where every flower and every brick reminds of Elena. I walked to the hotel Eden's yard, through calle Suiza, have been in Taoro park and wrote these words in a cafe with the magnificent view, where we were once drinking coffee with Elena.

I came in Puerto de la Cruz to say "goodbye" to our great times together (and our quarrels as well) and to leave my sorrow flow freely. I'll miss those great times and I'll miss my smart and beautiful wife.

I'll learn to avoid the same mistakes again and will become a better person. I really hope that Elena will also overcome these hard times and will be alright. If you read these words, please forgive me. It's not anyone's fault that our ways diverged...

янв. 26, 2016

04:29 pm - Cycling in Tenerife highlands

Last weekend I went to explore how the cycling feels like on altitudes between 1000 and 2300 m.

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янв. 21, 2016

10:59 pm - Tenerife 2016: first impressions

First few days in Tenerife are over and I'd like to share some impressions while they are still vivid. Click "more" to see the sun, the ocean and the colorful Spanish towns.

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дек. 31, 2015

11:39 pm - 2015: review of the year

2015 was a horrible year and it's not an exaggeration. I realized how many things I did and I do in a wrong way and how unrealistic were the expectations I put for myself and others. Now everything is falling into pieces and the main sense of the year is despair. The past is depreciated, the present is gloomy and I don't know how to build a better future. Most probably I'll spend a fair share of the next year sorting this out :(

Funny enough, there are some things happening at the same time, which would make some other people envy. Perhaps I need some stability at least in that part of the life to keep going. My professional skills improved quite a lot during the last year and so did the financial situation. Santa Claus brought me a full bag of gifts and, more than that, the rest of the winter I'll spend in a warm island, cycling amongst volcanoes and enjoying the ocean. Come to visit me!

It would be tempting to say that I couldn't care less of all these valuables. What's the use of a fancy bike (and another one and yet another), if I ride alone now? I really miss the time when I had a simple Trek, but Elena was cycling with me. Now we have 5 bicycles, but she is taking bus day after day. And what's the joy of a bigger apartment, if there is no peace in it? I miss those old times in our studio in Muusantori, where we had much more modest but happier life...

I remember however even older times, my life of a poor student and my work in f**cking Jumbo and I don't want THAT back. People always want something they don't have, so I'll learn to appreciate this sunny part of my life, which I have now. Sometimes it's hard to feel anything at all in this despair, but I'll learn to enjoy small things again, as I was able once. Let it be one of my New Year promises.

2015 in short

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дек. 25, 2015

03:02 am - Christmas night ride

It's almost a tradition already - in the Christmas night I take my bike and go somewhere in the city, to feel the unique atmosphere, which happens only once in a year.

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дек. 20, 2015

05:54 pm - Helsinki, December and climate change

Less than a week to Christmas. It's +11, rainy and windy. I remember how people depreciated global warming 5-10 years ago, saying that "no problem, at least we'll have decent summers here in the North".

A more accurate term was developed since then - climate change instead of global warming. This means for Southern Finland, for example, that there will be the same windy and short summers, but winter will almost disappear, making room for the gray misery, lasting 6 months. And no, we'll not have blossoming flowers in April like in Holland, at least for the coming tens of years.

There is still a hope. Just before Paris Climate Change Conference a march against climate change was organized in many cities. This is how it looked like in Helsinki:

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окт. 25, 2015

11:50 pm - The island of cheerful sheep, part 1

Gotland is an island in the Baltic sea, which belongs to Sweden, but has nothing in common with it in terms of landscapes and vegetation. Sometimes there is no need to travel far away to see something beautiful and unusual. Gotland is a good example of such a destination.

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сент. 21, 2015

03:01 pm

Just a perfect September. I had a 10 day long vacation, have been cycling in Stockholm and Gotland. Last weekend I spent in Jyväskylä (Central Finland), taking part in the very amazing course. I have a chance to become a certified bike tour organizer and guide! And soon I'll leave to Greece, it will be the second part of vacation.

* * *

Jyväskylä is such a wonderful little town! When you come out of the train, the first thing you see are parked bicycles. Usually it's a very good sign. My expectations were fulfilled - there is a very strong and energetic cycling union in Jyväskylä, running all kinds of activities and events.

Moreover, Jyväskylä is a hilly place, which opens good opportunities for mountain biking. And even more important thing - one third of the population are students, which means that there is no lack of pretty girls in the town :)

* * *

It's hard to overestimate the level of my happiness, when I thought for the moment there I am. Somewhere in a small Finnish town, where English texts were missing even in the hotel, taking part in the course taught in Finnish and being the only foreigner in the big classroom. And I was a participant of equal worth there!

Learning foreign languages is one of the best activities that a person can be involved in (after sex and cycling, perhaps). It keeps brains clear, it eliminates boredom, it helps to optimize time and to forget bad habits (like driving), it opens new horizons and helps to understand people.

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