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дек. 20, 2015

05:54 pm - Helsinki, December and climate change

Less than a week to Christmas. It's +11, rainy and windy. I remember how people depreciated global warming 5-10 years ago, saying that "no problem, at least we'll have decent summers here in the North".

A more accurate term was developed since then - climate change instead of global warming. This means for Southern Finland, for example, that there will be the same windy and short summers, but winter will almost disappear, making room for the gray misery, lasting 6 months. And no, we'll not have blossoming flowers in April like in Holland, at least for the coming tens of years.

There is still a hope. Just before Paris Climate Change Conference a march against climate change was organized in many cities. This is how it looked like in Helsinki:

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окт. 25, 2015

11:50 pm - The island of cheerful sheep, part 1

Gotland is an island in the Baltic sea, which belongs to Sweden, but has nothing in common with it in terms of landscapes and vegetation. Sometimes there is no need to travel far away to see something beautiful and unusual. Gotland is a good example of such a destination.

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сент. 21, 2015

03:01 pm

Just a perfect September. I had a 10 day long vacation, have been cycling in Stockholm and Gotland. Last weekend I spent in Jyväskylä (Central Finland), taking part in the very amazing course. I have a chance to become a certified bike tour organizer and guide! And soon I'll leave to Greece, it will be the second part of vacation.

* * *

Jyväskylä is such a wonderful little town! When you come out of the train, the first thing you see are parked bicycles. Usually it's a very good sign. My expectations were fulfilled - there is a very strong and energetic cycling union in Jyväskylä, running all kinds of activities and events.

Moreover, Jyväskylä is a hilly place, which opens good opportunities for mountain biking. And even more important thing - one third of the population are students, which means that there is no lack of pretty girls in the town :)

* * *

It's hard to overestimate the level of my happiness, when I thought for the moment there I am. Somewhere in a small Finnish town, where English texts were missing even in the hotel, taking part in the course taught in Finnish and being the only foreigner in the big classroom. And I was a participant of equal worth there!

Learning foreign languages is one of the best activities that a person can be involved in (after sex and cycling, perhaps). It keeps brains clear, it eliminates boredom, it helps to optimize time and to forget bad habits (like driving), it opens new horizons and helps to understand people.

авг. 22, 2015

01:24 pm - A little trip to Korpudden

Last weekend was more than perfect for a trip to the forest - full moon, no clouds and lots of berries everywhere.

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авг. 3, 2015

12:57 am - The state of summer

Usually I am not the person who is complaining about weather. However, this year's spring and summer are untolerable even for me.

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июл. 6, 2015

03:46 am - A few words about kayaking

Since I moved to Helsinki, some kind of activity on the sea was my dream. There is nothing surprising in it - Greater Helsinki coastline is more than 100 kilometers long and there are numerous beautiful islands in front of the city. It took however five long years to make dreams come true.

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май. 28, 2015

01:27 am - "Under grey skies" (Easter bicycle trip from Turku to Pori, part 2)

Day 3, Rauma - Pori

This night was not warmer than the previous one. When I went to wash my face in the morning, there was thin, almost invisible, ice on the lake.

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май. 4, 2015

02:43 pm - Mega trip 2014: Part 11, From Pula to Zürich via Italy

Last year I had very different beginning of May than now :) My staying in Croatia approached to its end. I thought - why should I take fast train and arrive in Zürich in just one day if I can use 5 days left from the winter vacation? This gave me an opportunity to move slowly, looking at the majestic places around.

Another reason for a longer road was to visit Italy, as I decided to get a deeper look at this country after visiting Venice.

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апр. 27, 2015

01:42 am - "Under grey skies" (Easter bicycle trip from Turku to Pori, part 1)

This year's Easter occurred in the early April. Not a perfect weather yet for a bicycle trip in Finland, but it was painful to think that otherwise 4 consecutive days off will be lost. I bought train tickets and looked every day at the weather forecast. There was snowfall only 4 days before my trip, but the snow melted soon and I went on summer tyres.

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мар. 7, 2015

12:23 am - Mega trip 2014: Part 10, Effretikon (our hometown in Switzerland)

It's +12 tomorrow in Zürich and just +3 in Helsinki. It was the same during the last spring as well.

I miss Switzerland right now and I would like to show you a little bit of the town of Effretikon, which was our home for the half of the year.

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