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Alex Rybakoff's live journal

июн. 5, 2017

10:29 pm - Zurich: first impressions

This is a random collection of pictures and notes, made by me during the first days in a new place :)

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фев. 19, 2017

10:00 pm - Tenerife 2016: Hiking in Anaga mountains

If someone would ask me what is my favorite place in Tenerife, I'd answer without much hesitation - Anaga mountains. They are surrounded by ocean, they are green and wild in many places, they have so fascinating shapes.

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дек. 26, 2016

08:00 pm - St. Stephen's Day hiking

Finland will never be the same. In the night before the Christmas Eve I found myself queuing in Prisma (a huge hypermarket, the first one in the country to be open 24 hours). I thought that I will be the only night own / foreigner / agnostic there, but actually the queue was quite long.

And on the Christmas Eve I cycled to the church and after that went back home through the center. I was hungry and here it was - a truck with burgers, standing near the Central Railway station. On Christmas Eve, at 0:15 I had a tasty vege burger and a friendly customer service. Something like this would be impossible to imagine even 5 years ago.

I'm content with this Christmas also because I went hiking 2 days out of 3. On Sunday it was night hiking with torches (and testing new route near Saunakallio!), but today it was during the sunlight and I decided to take the camera with me. I didn't have any expectations as the days are mostly gray this time of the year, but the nature turned out to be at its best today.

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окт. 21, 2016

11:42 pm - Linlo island & Helsinki Outdoors Meetup

I did it! Finally created Helsinki Outdoors group on Meetup.com. The first trip was to the Linlo island.

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июн. 29, 2016

02:59 am - Midsummer 2016: "Running City" in Savonlinna and cycling in Punkaharju

Life is good. And what makes it even better is when Midsummer and rare days with +25 degrees happen at the same time.

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июн. 6, 2016

01:28 am - Ruuhijärvi

What Alex does during the first weekend of the summer? Goes to the forest, of course! This time with a tent, which was super good, because I haven't done it since last August.

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июн. 2, 2016

12:10 am - The first day of summer

I'm already more than a month at home, in Helsinki. The initial confusion is over, I feel myself in the right place and at the right time again. The weather was exceptionally good in May, so I didn't have much opportunities to write here. I didn't even publish anything new in Instagram, because the camera in my phone has been broken since February. Few days ago I finally bothered to send the phone to the service, so more pictures are hopefully coming soon!

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мар. 18, 2016

10:13 pm - Tenerife 2016: Punta del Hidalgo

The adjacent town fascinated me when I first saw it on the map. The road ends there abruptly and mountains begin. "It should be worth visiting", I thought, and went there one evening.

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фев. 29, 2016

11:53 pm - Tenerife 2016: Bajamar

Picking a place to live in being far away from it - that's always tough, but how many pleasant surprises wait you there! I couldn't imagine being in Finland how nice place is Bajamar, my first home in Tenerife.

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янв. 27, 2016

09:02 pm - Not only the sun fades away...

The statistic says: 51% of marriages end with divorce (in Finland, which is one of the world's highest numbers). People don't care about such statements and believe that "it's not going happen to me". And I am not an exception.

Life is making unexpected turns however, so I don't know what to expect next.

Two years ago on 27th January I married Elena. It was a nice winter day. We walked across the center of Helsinki and were so much in love!

One year ago in the end of January we went for a vacation in Tenerife. We were hiking, drinking sangria and swimming in Lago Martianez. We were still in love!

Today is the second anniversary of our wedding and 6 years of our life together. We've separated in the beginning of January and are about to divorce :'(((

I went to Puerto de la Cruz today, where every flower and every brick reminds of Elena. I walked to the hotel Eden's yard, through calle Suiza, have been in Taoro park and wrote these words in a cafe with the magnificent view, where we were once drinking coffee with Elena.

I came in Puerto de la Cruz to say "goodbye" to our great times together (and our quarrels as well) and to leave my sorrow flow freely. I'll miss those great times and I'll miss my smart and beautiful wife.

I'll learn to avoid the same mistakes again and will become a better person. I really hope that Elena will also overcome these hard times and will be alright. If you read these words, please forgive me. It's not anyone's fault that our ways diverged...

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